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when people think pikmin 3 is a good game


So not being Pikmin 2 makes Pikmin 3 a bad game then?

They both are great games, and personally, I don’t consider 3 to be a “bad game” just because it’s a little easier than 2.

Sure, I’ll admit, there’s less “exploration” (in terms of areas to explore) due to there not really being any caves like 2 had, but honestly I think the environments in 3 were the best designed of the entire series. They weren’t annoying to navigate, they had tons of stuff to find (a la pikmin 1) and having a little story progression here and there made the sense of progression much better than a little percentage how much stuff you have collected like in 2. Plus, IMO the caves in 2 were sort of dreary environments and since the majority of the game was spent doing those caves, it kinda took away from the outside exploration due to the fact that each environment was more or less just a large overworld hub with a few enemies, obstacles and exploration opportunities. 3’s environments had a much better sense of exploring an unknown planet (more like the first game) due to the fact that bosses and everything was found in that environment and that the puzzles were more built into the level design of the overworld rather than a majority of them being in a more-or-less linear cave level. 

I will also admit that the fruit juices could have been better in that they had more (like one or two more) scripted areas where they were all taken away for a little bit because by the end of the game, having >30 days worth of juice is kinda laughable. But I mean, that’s sort of a problem with all Nintendo games right now; you have too many lives. It was an interesting and cool concept but I think its execution could have been better, now I don’t think it really demerits the game much though.

That aside, I don’t see how Pikmin 3 is a bad game in the slightest. Having three captains rather than two really upped the amount of strategy that you could do and things you could accomplish in each day, and the gamepad really shined in controlling all four of them. That, and the well designed environments, boss fights and enemies (dang that final boss was challenging though), as well as having more of a story aspect (even though it was small) helped keep the game moving forward and overall I think that while Pikmin 2 is awesome (don’t get me wrong, it’s one of my favs), I enjoyed Pikmin 3 more actually, due to it not getting as repetitive as its predecessor. 

Alright, Pikmin 3 is not a “bad game”, so let me describe it more accurately. 

Pikmin 3 is inferior to its predecessors.


Wrestler Bowser


Wrestler Bowser

Who do you think you are, buster?

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I will say though, I really did enjoy being able to multitask with the 3 captains using the Game Pad

alright i will agree that the ability to tell captains to head to a certain place was a nice addition instead of having to move them individually like in pikmin 2


Someone on Miiverse was having a drawing contest where the guideline was to draw any Smash character you liked in a bikini. Naturally, I couldn’t pass up on the opportunity.

I was planning on buying Pikmin 3 for my Wii U because of how well it is received, but I am very surprised to see that you dislike it. Can you please tell me why it's bad? And why I should pirate-errr I mean legally buy my very own copy of PIKMIN™ on the Nintendo® GameCube™ Entertainment System? I think I lost Nintendo lawyers now...

If you’ve never played Pikmin before, I’d suggest getting the New Play Control! versions of Pikmin 1 and 2 for the Wii, it’ll give you an idea of how a Pikmin game should play.

If this is not your first Pikmin game, then I’d suggest maybe watching the first 5-7 days of the game to get an idea of how differently it plays and if you’d enjoy it.