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Chikayo Fukuda - Aggression and Victoy (Jean-Pierre Polnareff)
82 plays

"Aggression and Victory (Jean-Pierre Polnareff)" from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

32,338 plays



murder me

holy FUCK

Kirby's Dream Band - Dream Land Days
274 plays

"Dream Land Days" from The Pink Album


People who think that the Koopalings are a waste of space in the MK8 roster


Because ”they’re all the same”


Hirokazu Ando - Kirby of the Stars
2,076 plays






"Kirby of the Stars" from Kirby’s Adventure

uh this is the title theme from kirby’s dream land by jun ishikawa

this is the title screen music for kirby’s adventure

  1. i did not say this was the title screen music to kirby’s adventure
  2. yes, it is originally composed by jun ishikawa, but hirokazu ando arranged it for kirby’s adventure
  3. jun ishikawa did not do any work for kirby’s adventure, only some of his songs were arranged for it
  4. therefore i did not list him in the “artist” property because he did not work on kirby’s adventure
  5. if it really bothers you so much, i still have him listed as the composer in the file properties

but…this song was never used for kirby’s adventure. green greens was.

hey there kiddies are you ready for an episode of GET A LIFE, NERD

so according to this nes soundtrack website i visited, this is an unused song from kirby’s adventure. the thing of it is that this and green greens sound identical to the original versions so what i’m thinking is that they are the original songs, hence why ishikawa was credited in kirby’s adventure. either that or ando arranged them so similar to the originals that…basically it was jun ishikawa, so why not credit him (i’m guessing though they are probably the originals since ishikawa is…right there…they coulda just been like hey duder can you port these songs to the nes okay cool thanks)

to compare, there’s a remake of float islands in kirby’s dream land 2, but ishikawa is not credited, likely because the versions in dream land and dream land 2 are distinct from each other. not as distinct as, say, the kirby’s adventure remixes in canvas curse but if you listen to the two side-by-side you can notice the small differences. it’s like…marth and lucina in ssb4!

when your door’s left open


what it looks like:

what it feels like: